Sexuality is a natural part of being human. Unfortunately in many cultures there’s a taboo on sex and sexuality. There’s no shame in being attracted to someone and to have sexual desire. Just like there’s no shame in having no sexual desire at all. The taboo that is on sexuality in general, is more prominent when it comes to sexualities that aren’t heterosexual (men love women, women love men). Most people consider themselves straight and expect anyone else to be too. This can make it hard when you realize that you might not be straight. If you’re here, this is probably the case. Figuring out your sexuality is part of growing up, getting to know yourself and finding your own identity. Here are some things to remember if you’re currently struggling with this:

Don’t stress about it. It’s 100% okay not to know. There’s no deadline, you can go at your own pace. Sexuality can be confusing and some people need more time to figure it out. Labels are less important than you think. Don’t worry too much about how you should call yourself. Labels are all made up (like all words). Humans have this need to give everything a name. But some people feel more comfortable without a label and that’s okay. If you’re not sure about your sexuality, feel free to use the label that comes closest to how you feel. Or don’t use a label at all. Changing your label after a while is fine too.

For some people sexuality is fluid. Attraction can change. That doesn’t mean that the feelings you had before weren’t real. We can’t help who we are attracted to or who we fall in love with. Sexuality is a spectrum with many different forms of attraction. And you’re the only one who can decide if and how you to label it.

Queer is often used as umbrella term for everyone in the LGBT community. It used to be a word that describes everything „unusual“ or „weird“ in a negative way. That’s way not everyone in the LGBT community is comfortable with calling themselves queer. Some people have reclaimed the word though and call themselves queer proudly. It’s everyone’s personal decision. Never call someone queer unless you’re sure that they are okay with it. Queer is a great label for people who are not comfortable with more specific labels or haven’t figured out their identity yet.

Romantic vs. sexual attraction

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Sexual education