How to find out someone’s opinion on LGBT people


If you want to come out to someone, it’s good to know what their opinion on homosexuality or other LGBT related stuff is. It will give you a possible indication of their reaction. It’s also easier to choose the way and the moment to come out if you have an idea of how they will react. In some families homosexuality never comes up.¬†So how do you find out someone’s opinion? Here are some examples:


General LGBT conversations

„Did you hear about the gay concentration camps in¬†Chechnya? Isn’t that awful?“

„Can you believe it’s been two years since the US legalized same-sex marriage?“

„Did you know that the nazis put gay men in concentration camps as well?“

„So what do you think about gay couples adopting children?“

„This person I know got kicked out of the house because they’re gay/trans“


Sometimes parents are okay with homosexuality in the abstract, but don’t want their kids to be gay. So don’t rely 100% on them being okay with the existence of homosexuality. You can try to make the conversation more personal by putting yourself in the center of attention. Examples:


Personal conversation

„I was thinking about going to Pride this year“

„Would you care if your child were gay?“

„What would you do if I’d bring home a girl/boy?“

„I got asked out by a girl/boy today“

„Someone asked me if I’m gay yesterday“

„Do you think mom/dad would care if I were gay?“